Fishing Kayak GOBO SALT SOT for One Person Red/Black

Product code  :  0100-0102RD

Category  :  Polyethylene

Length: 2.80m
Width: 0.83m
Height: 0.35m

Weight: 22kg
Capacity: 150kg

Capacity Colours: Blue/Black, Camo Green (Green/Black/White), Red/Black

Availability  :  Is available

The new single-seat polyethylenium kayak is specially designed to provide top-class family fun. You can try it for an all-day beach experience or use it on a fishing trip. The plastic kayak also includes the seat backrest for an ideal all-day outing ensuring a restful use. It also includes two unique design storage hatches that keep your belongings in a dry environment. The "bucket" style hatches means that even with a hatch open and a steep wave will not flood the boat. It has ergonomic handles for easy transport, D-type rings and storage space on the back with clips. Made of LLDPE plastic and UV filters with the "rotomolding" method. This combination has greater tensile strength than any other polyethylene, offers greater breaking strength and greater resistance to environmental conditions such as resistance to solar radiation and sea conditions.


Price includes:  

  • Double paddle
  • Backrest
  • Handles
  • 4 Insert fishing rod holders
  • Base -Recess for rotating external fishing rod holder
  • 2 Waterproof storage compartments
  • Tap water drainage.
  • Elastic cord
  • D-rngs
  • Base/Ressess for Cup/Bottle
    • All kayaks are covered by a written guarantee
    • All kayaks have a Serial Number
    • Certification of the European Union CE available for all kayak


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