FORCE Max Frost 110

Product code  :  MF100-110

Category  :  Max Frost

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Outside dimension: 95.28 x 49.02 x 49.53cm
Outside dimension: 80.39 x 36.20 x 37.80cm

Thickness of insulation on the lid: 5cm
Thickness of insulation in the wall: 5cm

Weight: 22.4kg

Isothermal cooling box 110QT / 103.4 liters of Top Quality. Ideal for camping, fishing and boat! With a reinforced PU Foam (Polyurethane) layer on the body and on its lid for greater performance, it keeps the temperature maintained for over 7 days.
CAPACITY: 110QT / 103.4 liters
MATERIAL: Non-toxic, UV resistant, impact resistant, for hot and cold materials, with corrosion resistance, perfect application & excellent insulating qualities, for low-density polyethylene.
COOLING: Keeps cooling for over 7 days.
INSULATION: A 5cm thick PU Foam (polyurethane) on the body and 5cm on the lid for greater performance ensures the temperature is maintained for over 7 days.
TECHNOLOGY: Rotomolding - guarantees resistance to blows and time.
HANDLES: Adjustable nylon handles offer comfort in all situations, long life, excellent durability and comfort during transportation due to the muddy coating.
PADLOCK: Stainless steel also serves as a bottle opener
CONSTRUCTION: Unmovable Rotomolding construction, single piece, seamless. Prevents openings resulting in water leaks.
  • Relief Ruller (for measuring fish length) and two bases of soft drinks on the lid
  • Rubber lock for comfort in use and longer life
  • The high-quality seal (sealing cap on the lid) ensures excellent sealing.
  • Stainless steel padlocks also serve as a bottle opener.
  • Water drain valve with safety wire for quick draining of water and easy washing
  • Air decompression valve for easy opening
  • The adjustable nylon handles offer comfort in all situations, long life, excellent durability and comfort during transport due to the mudguard coating. Its stable legs increase stability and reduce slipability.
  • With UV blockers on the lid and body to protect against sunlight
Food basket for Max Frost 110QT Code: MF500-110
External Cup for Max Frost 110QT Code: MF600-002

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