Fishing Kayak FORCE MARLIN SOT FULL for One Person in Blue Camo Colour

Product code  :  0100-0122BL

Category  :  Polyethylene

Length: 2.92m
Width: 0.84m
Height: 0.36m
Weight: 28.5kg
Capacity: 170kg
Available Colour: Green Camo, Blue Camo

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Outstanding quality materials and construction, the FORCE kayak MARLIN offers you safety, stability and fun. Its deep keel offers stability even in ripple but also the ability to stand up if needed. In addition to comfort, its body offers ease of handling and speed. A compact kayak that is ideal for sea and lake fishing, but can also be used in the high seas due to its deep keel. "EYE" in keel, can be used as bottom glass but also for mounting various parts of fishermen eg. sonar sensor. "EYE" includes the metal cover. The elastic strap on the kayak stern allows you to safely store accessories and essentials. Waterproof storage hatches ensure that your items are waterproof.


The two large metal rails on the sides allow you to mount various accessories without making holes in the kayak. Standby for electric motor bracket as well as three standby (2 in the side and 1 in the middle of the kayak) also allow you to mount accessories such as recessed or rotating rod holder. Handling the kayak with your rudder frees your hands for a better paddle.
Made of LLDPE polyethylene by the "rotomolding" method and UV filters. This combination has higher tensile strength than any other polyethylene, provides higher fracture resistance and greater environmental resistance as well as resistance to sunlight and sea conditions.



Length: 2.92m
Width: 0.84m
Height: 0.36m
Weight: 28.5kg
Capacity: 170kg
Available Colour: Green Camo, Blue Camo




  • High-quality aluminum seat for long-lasting, comfortable fishing
  • EYE (bottom glass) - ideal for sonar installation. It comes with a metal cover
  • Double split paddle
  • Rudder with adjustable feet
  • 2 insert rod holders
  • 2 standby (left and right) for rotating or recessed fishing rod holder
  • 1 stand (in the middle of a kayak) for a rotating rod holder
  • Standby for electric motor mount bracket
  • Big hatch on the bow of the kayak
  • Waterproof hatch in the middle of the kayak
  • Elastic strap for storing items
  • 2 Side handles with paddle strap
  • Bow and stern handles
  • Plugs
  • Drain plug
  • Fixed cup holder

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