SUP Inflatable Force Hawaii 10.6

Product code  :  0200-0210

Category  :  Φουσκωτές (Αγγλικά)

Length: 10.6(ft) 325cm
Width: 32 (in) 812mm
Thickness: 5 (in) 127mm
Volume: 260 λίτρα
Material: PVC and Dropstitch
Double layer

Max pressure: 25 psi

No of Riders: 1
Max rider weight: Έως 110 κιλά/243lbs
SUP net weight: 9 kg

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SUP is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Force Hawaii 325cm is ideal for all water conditions such as lakes, seas, canals, etc.
It is made of premium quality materials such as PVC plastic with Drop Stitch / polyester fiber technology that gives stability to the board. It inflates with air pressure up to 25 psi (20 psi recommended pressure) and gains great rigidity. It also has a surface with an EVA anti-slip coating.
It is designed to float and glide easily into relatively calm waters, such as the waters of the Greek seas. It has exactly the right curve range so it has a smooth and predictable cruise if you want to surf the waves, that kind of surfer and be. Its thickness is 127 mm, which increases its rigidity without affecting ride and performance. Special binding bands and rubber hose allow you to transport your stuff and complement the ideal SUP package.
Another innovation of FORCE is the double rake which ensures greater stiffness of the board, resistance to higher pressures up to 25psi, more years of life and greater resistance to environmental conditions such as sea conditions.
The deflated board can be easily arranged in the carry bag included to get your SUP on every trip, have it permanently in the trunk of your car or even carry it with your bike.
All our boards are inflated in less than 5 minutes thanks to the high pressure pump included in the package.
The SUP is designed for travelers who want to have it anywhere as the storage space is limited as for travelers who want to train.
It comes with a waterproof carrying bag, height adjustable  FIBERGLASS paddle, high pressure Bravo pump dual action pump with pressure gauge, repair kit, 1 central detachable fin and 2 fixed fins.
The price includes:
Waterproof carry bag
Bravo Air Dual Energy Pump with 30psi Pressure Gauge
Paddle adjustable FIBERGLASS
Repair kit
3 Fins (1 central large detachable & 2 small fins)
They are covered by a written guarantee
Certification of the European Union CE

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