Professional Fishing Kayak with Pedal System GOBO Dofine

Product code  :  0100-0303

Category  :  Polyethylene

Length: 3.50m
Width: 0.82m
Height: 0.40m

Weight: 28kg
Capacity: 150kg

Available colours: Camo Black/White

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Brand new, fully equipped cycling fishing kayak with special storage spaces and many accessories to make your fishing fun, enjoyable, relaxing and comfortable!!!!
Its size (length 3,50m and width 0,82m) makes it the most suitable kayak for fishing with enough space for supplies, equipment and ease of handling. The length combined with its width gives water stability, operator's ability to move on board and the ability to fish even upright in calm waters. The compact aluminum bicycle system along with a remote control to turn your boat make your fishing and riding fun and allow you to develop great speeds without getting tired.
It has a base in the middle of the kayak for fitting various components, e.g. a compass which opens and acts as a lid for the installation of a bicycle system.


Another GOBO innovation is a built-in remote control that ensures less wear and ease in the directionality of the boat.
Made of LLDPE plastic and UV filters with the "rotomolding" method. This combination has greater tensile strength than any other polyethylene, offers greater breaking strength and greater resistance to environmental conditions such as resistance to solar radiation and sea conditions. High quality, low weight at low price !!!
It is ideal for the sea, lake and calm rivers !!!



The price includes:

  • compact aluminum bicycle system/Pedal
  • Hand remote control for steering system
  • Alluminium Adjustable Seat
  • Handles
  • New unique model with integrated rudder and pedal
  • 3 Insert fishing rod holders
  • Bases-Recesses for rotating external fishing rod holder
  • Waterproof storage compartments.
  • Waterproof round kayak hatch - openable cap
  • Waterproof round kayak hat with screw cap.
  • Large square kayak hatch on the bow with safety strap.
  • Transfer handles
  • Dice type D
  • Elastic cord
  • Rubber object restraint cord.
  • Tap water drainage.


TENT. ( height 1m  length 0,80m)

  • All kayaks are covered by a written guarantee
  • All kayaks have a Serial Number
  • Certification of the European Union CE available for all kayaks

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