Kayak Gobo Freedom SOT1person Light Grey/White

Product code  :  0100-0200W

Category  :  Polyethylene

Length: 4.44m
Width: 0.615m
Height: 0.35m

Weight: 27kg
Capacity: 150kg

Available colours: Light Grey/White

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Sit On Top FREEDOM kayak, with performance approaching those of a Sit in. PROVIDES THE COMFORT OF SIT IN KAYAK AND THE SPEED OF SIT ON KAYAK!!! The length of 4.44m and the width of 0.615m contribute to speed and stability, while the low height of 35cm helps to minimize the impact of wind resistance. The higher bow height is used to better navigate in difficult conditions.
Extremely stable and fast enough to move effectively to your favorite spot. The hull form combined with the rich features of the deck make it an excellent choice for trips on the coast but also deeper but also for fishing. 

Steering rubber wheel with adjustable pedals help the boat's fast and easy directionality and make it the best choice for fishing and exploration.

It has three large storage areas: oval waterproof storage space on the kayak bow, round waterproof storage space in the middle of the kayak and large storage space at the stern of the kayak, which is secured with a net and safety strap.


Made of LLDPE plastic and UV filters with the "rotomolding" method. This combination has greater tensile strength than any other polyethylene, offers more breakage strength and greater resistance to environmental conditions such as resistance to solar radiation and sea conditions.




Aluminum Paddle
2 Insert fishing rod holders
Base-Recess for rotating external fishing rod holder
2 Waterproof hatch covers
1 Storage net with belt fastening
Drain plug
Fixed cup holder
Steering rubber wheel with adjustable pedals


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