Fishing Kayak FORCE ANDARA SOT FULL for 1 Person Army Green Camo colour

Product code  :  0100-0121XARMY

Category  :  Polyethylene

Length: 2.75m
Width: 0.78m
Height: 0.40m

Weight: 19kg
Capacity: 130kg

Διαθέσιμα χρώματα: Red/White/Black, Green/White/Black, Army Green Camo

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The new FORCE Andara kayak came to impress you !!! Its dimensions in combination with its deep V makes it a fast and very stable kayak. Its hatches,Base-Recess for electric motor bell, Base-Recess for External Rotating Fishing Rod Holder, 2 Insert fishing rod holders, Base Recess and aluminum seat provide you with comfort, fun and relaxation in your fishing and stroll.
Made of LLDPE plastic and UV filters with the "rotomolding" method. This combination has greater tensile strength than any other polyethylene, offers greater breaking strength and greater resistance to environmental conditions such as resistance to solar radiation and sea conditions.
The price includes:
Aluminum seat
Aluminum Paddle
2 Insert fishing rod holders
Base-Recess for rotating external fishing rod holder
Base-Recess for electric motor
Sleeps for 2 additional fixed stallions
2 Waterproof hatch covers
Drain plug
Dice type D
Fixed cup holder
They are covered by a written guarantee
All our kayaks have a Serial Number
Certification of the European Union CE
Deluxe Seat Code: 0500-0200 or
Super Deluxe Seat: 0500-0900


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